Life and Leadership Coaching


What is “coaching”?    

Coaching is a conversation intended to help you gain clarity and insights to who you are as a person – mind, emotions, body, and spirit. The overarching goal of what you want will be most important. The focal point of the conversations will be on you and the relevant topic important to you at that moment. The coaching session will NOT involve feedback, counseling, or consulting. It will involve curious questions and insight as well as discussing action items. Stephanie’s role is to simply help you find what’s inside of you already while creating a safe place to hold you accountable to move forward toward newfound awareness. 

Stephanie specializes in coaching those who are stuck energetically, personally or professionally. Since 1995, she has coached and provided group leadership training in a manufacturing, unionized setting. She has helped leaders and individual contributors become more successful in their roles, excelling in relationship building. As a daughter, sister, friend, spouse, and parent, Stephanie has also had lifelong learning about relationships and how to optimize the love and compassion to make the best situation possible.

What happens during an individual coaching session?

A minimum of six (6) sessions are provided face-to-face, by telephone, video conferencing, or a combination of methods.  Each coaching session is up to sixty (60) minutes in length, with longer sessions available upon request.  The client will come to the relationship with an overarching goal (what they would like to be or do).  Each session topic is determined by the client, including a desired end result.  Sessions may result in a resemblance of “homework” or action items for the client to work on between each session to continue to create new insights and awareness.  All information about the coach / client relationship will remain strictly confidential.  Successful coaching requires a co-active, collaborative approach between the coach and client.  Stephanie will fit a role that is most comfortable with the client ranging from being firm and honest to being soft spoken and empathetic.  Depending on the client’s needs she may use analogies, visualization, and humor.  Stephanie will be non-judgmental and ask many questions with the intent to create awareness. She will support the client during the coaching session and provide a safe space for the client to be open and honest.  Miraculous or profound awareness can result but will vary according to the client’s level of openness and willingness to explore. As an Energy Coach, Stephanie will provide other healing modalities into the sessions, such as Reiki, meditation, essential oils, and sound healing.

What does the leadership program include?

Whether you are currently a manager of people or an individual contributor in your organization, you are a leader. Stephanie’s leadership training is designed for those interested in becoming a more relationship oriented, servant leader. The program includes group training and individual coaching.

Stephanie has written a multitude of leadership training modules ideal for a group of 5-15. The training sessions involve instruction, group activities, and homework. Integrated with individualized coaching, the learning is enhanced in a way where it becomes ingrained. Stephanie will stay with you and coach you through the challenges you may have and solidify the learning. A beautiful bonus is you will learn how to be a coach yourself!

With the ultimate goal to help you move forward into an unbelievable dream, contact Stephanie for more information.


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