About Stephanie


The beautiful thing about living is the ability to choose.  

My life has not been perfect but I have been blessed. I have made a lot of difficult choices starting with leaving my home state of California. I walked away from my loving, supportive family and moved to Southern Wisconsin. That choice changed everything for me. Despite the never-ending desire to be physically closer to my family, I have become my own person. But it wasn’t easy. After a difficult divorce with a young child, I found myself… in the heart of my Creator having a spiritual awakening. After a knock down drag out battle with myself in December 2012 and a week-long panic attack, I surrendered to God. I reflected where I was in my career and in my home life and prayed God lead me to where it was He wanted me. I reflected and prayed some more. I felt Him push me to change my perspective, and I did. Over the next five years, I became a Reiki practitioner, Young Living essential oil distributor, Professional Life Coach, and Leadership Trainer. Life is still not perfect, but I continue to learn everyday and imparting that knowledge onto others is my life's mission.  I will work to the best of my ability to spread love, compassion, and promote the good in this world.

What does this mean to you? My gift to you is to help you find your true potential. To walk beside you and help find what you need in that moment. By using tools such as life and leadership coaching and Reiki energy healing, I feel I can help anyone open to change, find their “missing link” or reduce life’s interference in order to find their true self. If you would like to know more, give me a call or send me a message.

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"Stephanie is extremely kind, gentle, patient, and knowledgeable.  i felt connected right away with her and I loved the guided medications.  Through the guided medication (which I have never done) I really had an amazing experience of relaxation that was very restorative and restful.  Doing the Reiki Training in person at her studio was very therapeutic for me, without the distractions of being needed or pulled away at home.  Her Reiki training was such a great experience and gift allowing deep relaxation and rest that I never knew was so incredible at restoring and rebalancing the body.  Stephanie is a very talented and intuitive healer." - Kayla, Reiki Student/Healer

"As an Empath and Healer, I was struggling with boundaries.  That is when Stephanie appeared, like a calm, quiet, proving storm to me.  Stephanie challenged me to be authentic in a professional setting and it seemed that she always left me with a question, an open door, and a kind, knowing smile.  There was no 'push' from her, only guidance if I wanted to start down the path with her.  I felt really safe with Stephanie.  She understood that I was looking for help in training in dealing with some harder areas of life with people - that I was comfortable in the mess.  She used her Light and Faith as a guide for me.  Her honesty and care in the training was incredible, and I love that she is still available to me for the 'after'.  I am forever grateful for the fits I have received." - Eve, Reiki Student/Healer

"Stephanie was an absolute breath of fresh air.  Being coached and working with her forced me to slow down and take a really good look at some fundamentals of how I was approaching my business and got me to step outside my comfort zone in a manageable way to grow professionally.  She has constantly been a great advocate for me, and provides a superior service I believe to anyone she works with." - Zachary, Coaching Client